7 Of The Best Blog Writing Templates Combined Into One: The Ultimate Blog Writing Template

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Note: Download the FREE The Ultimate Blog Writing Template here.

Are you like me?

Looking to master parts of your business.

One at a time.

Then one of the things you might be looking master might be blogging.

Oh blogging. That thing looks very simple but very complicated and daunting all at the same time.

You might find yourself looking at blog writing guides, tutorials and blogs.

Perhaps you even came across the Best Blog Writing Templates I’ve outlined in this blog. 

They are the best of the best out there. But if you’re like me. You find will find yourself not dissatisfied.

Because all of them are lacking in some way. One has information that one doesn’t. And vice versa.



Scattered Information


The information out there is all scattered.

You have to read that guide for making your headline. Then another guide for creating images. Then another one for outlining your post.

So much work.

So much headache.

So little time.

There’s gotta be a solution. There’s got to be a better way of doing this.

So I scratched my own itched and…



Brought Together For My Use


Combined all these wonderful guides, tutorials and tips into one master mindmap. That I use side-by-side while creating blog posts.


And I call it “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template”


blog writing template, mindmap, ultimate blog writing template, gerome soriano, growthbloggers
Zoom in on a part of The Ultimate Blog Writing Template

“[FREE download] All the Best Blog Writing Templates combined to The Ultimate Blog Writing Template”

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This mindmap helps me to:

1) Stay in process
Because it’s easy to get lazy. And skip critical parts of the blog writing process like setting a goal to achieve, solidifying who is the target reader and what makes a powerful headline.

2) Not forget anything
When you don’t have a checklist like this it’s easy to forget to put a call to action, a feature image, and tags.

3) Get started faster
One of my favorite parts of “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template” is the  swipe file and the starters. Tehy help me get into the “writing zone” faster. And remind me of the writing tactics that have worked for me in the past.

4) Keep my swipefiles handy
With my swipefile of the best blog headlines on my side. It’s impossible for me to write a bad headline.

5) Not get stuck
Quickly conquer writer’s block with starters, swipefiles and ideas.

6) Remember to edit
Again, it’s easy to get lazy. But editing is a crucial part of writing. Even the greats like Hemingway edit their work.

And the mindmap reminds to follow their example.

7) Remember what to look for in editing
Things like formatting, links, grammar, readability, etc.

8) And remember to promote my blog post once it’s up
80% of the work of blogging is promotion. Without promotion it’s almost impossible to chance upon your blog post.



Now Shared For Your Benefit


With the goal of giving back to the community and helping people I’ve decided to share the mindmap with you.

This template is still (and will always will be) on the process of evolution and change. As technology advances so updates will be made constantly.

I built “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template” first for myself. And my team over at GrowthBloggers.

Bright_green_tree_-_Waikato copy

But now, for the first-time ever I’m sharing it to you. Totally for FREE.

It might not be available forever. As things might change and I might have to keep it only for internal use.

So I encourage you to download here now!

Make use of it. And adjust it to your own style of writing.

Again you can get it here.


We Use It For…


GrowthBloggers is a ghost blog writing service that I founded. It’s goal it to help busy entrepreneurs with the grueling task of creating quality blog posts on a consistent basis.

We aim to help entrepreneurs free up time, work on their business and not in their business.

We do that by letting them enjoy the big think, creative brainstorming parts of content marketing. Where we go talk to them and collaborate on creating a content marketing plan.

Tackling topics such as who to target, what goals to reach for and what blog posts to write.

We then take care of the nitty-gritty, time consuming, and technical aspects of the process.

And we use “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template” to create perfect blog posts every single time.


By keeping us:

1) In process
This template helps us do things in a logical 1 2 3 sequence.


2) Doing the best practices
This guide is the combination of the best blog writing templates out there. Plus swipe files.

3) Never forgetting a thing
Remember to put a call to action, to promote, to use the swipe file, and more!



You Can Use It For…


We understand that not all entrepreneurs can afford our services. Especially those starting out.

For those of you boot-strapping entrepreneurs out there. You can use this guide to write your own blog posts.

The same goes for other blog writers and content makers out there.

But when you come to the phase in your business. When quality, assurance and confidently outsourcing blog creation becomes a higher priority for you.

Contact us here for a FREE consultation on handling blog writing for your business.


Growth Bloggers, Contact Form


Here’s Where You Can Find It


You can find “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template” here.



The Parts


3-ultimate blog writing template by gerome soriano the parts mindmap

“[FREE download] All the Best Blog Writing Templates combined to The Ultimate Blog Writing Template”

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The goal part contains the possible goals you can target for your blog posts. Click the nodes to see some ideas on how you can work towards your chosen goals.


goal, goal-setting, blog writing template, mindmap, ultimate blog writing template, gerome soriano, growthbloggers



This part contains a simple buyer persona template.

Here’s the template:
[real or imaginary name] wants [desired goal] but [challenge/problem]


Proposed Solution

This is the part where we identify the thing we’re trying to sell.


Problems Research

This is the part where you get to know more about the people in your buyers persona part.Especially about their motivations.

You will then use this information to emphathize and connect emotionally with them.



Contains powerful, battle-tested headlines by other bloggers. These headlines are optimized for the web.

Looks good in search engines and social media. Gets clicked, read and shared.



Is the part where you get to see how the best bloggers outline their blog post.
And how you can mimic their work. With starters, swipe files and ideas.



Ah! the ever important task of editing.
Includes grammar and readability checking. Formatting, links, images, tweetables, etc.



Linking the call to actions to sign-up forms and promised FREE resources/downloads.



Contains samples on seo friendly image file names and alt test.
Also where to get no attribution required, commercial use, free images and graphics. Ideal image sizes for different social media platforms.



Fundamental reminders about writing for the web.



These tags help search engine find your content.



Contains the best practices for promoting your content with social media and other platforms.


And now…


Go Out And Smash It –

Every Single Time


Go write your blog post. And get it perfect every single time with “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template.”

Then tell me what you think in the comments below.



Constant Improvement


This guide is ever-evolving. So check the link for updates.

And do comment below, about your suggestions on how to improve this template.

Question: Have I forgotten something really, really important to put in the template? Tell me in the comments below.

Again, you can download it here.




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