9 Best Blog Writing Templates: Cure Blog Writer’s Block Everytime

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Note: Download the FREE The Ultimate Blog Writing Template here.

It’s 7 of the Best Blog Writing Templates combined to 1.

Have you ever dealt with writer’s block?

Did you ever wonder if you could write faster?

And did you ever forget things that your blog post should have had? Like tags, images, or call to actions.

Today, we will show you how you can solve all these problems with the power of “Blog Writing Templates.”


Why Use Templates?

 You may be thinking that using blog writing templates is not so sexy.
And it’s true, using template can be too mechanical, robotic at first.
Eventually once you get the hang of it. It’s predictability will give you more room to be creative in your writing.
In addition to that, it also allow you to maintain quality, consistency and predictable results.
So today, we list down 8 of the Best Blog Blog Writing Templates out there. From marketing institutions, master bloggers and very smart writers.
But first…


What Are The Benefits Of Using Templates

Let’s dive in more on what incredible benefits you will get if you start using writing templates.

Here are some of them:

1) Guide you through the process.

A writing template will guide you on what things to do first, second, third and so on. In a manner that makes sense.

It will also remind you of the things that you keep on forgetting.

2) Remind you that your first draft can (and will) be ugly.

It’s a common mistake for newbies that they try to get the first draft perfect. Editing as they write and stopping the flow of ideas. Eventually leading them to be stuck.

Having a template to guide you through the process will remind you to:

  • Allow yourself to write ugly, imperfect grammar, bad spelling in the first draft
  • Edit this later by correcting grammar, being more conversational, cutting long paragraphs, etc.

3) Remind you that it will get better later.

By following a set process, you get to be at ease in writing your thoughts down. With the assurance that you will go back and edit it later.


4) Editing.

Remind you to edit your work. And about the things you should look for while editing. Such as checking the grammar, checking spellings, cutting unnecessary words, etc.


5) Put a call to action

Maximize all your blog posts by never forgetting to put a call to action.

These call to actions can be to:

  • sign-up in email list
  • buy a product
  • book a consultation
  • invite you to talk
  • help in your new project
  • share it on social media
  • comment below


6) Images, Images, Images.

According to localvox:

“Articles with images get 94% more views.”

Apart from getting more views. Blog posts with images are more likely to be read from start to end and shared.

Having images also helps break the monotony of long articles.


7) Promotion

At least 80% of content marketing is about well…

Marketing and promoting your content.

Unless you already have a strong following. Your blog posts will almost certainty get no views, comments and shares unless…

You promote it.

And having a system to follow will make sure that you promote your content every single time.

Now that you know some of the benefits of using templates.


Let’s get on to the Best Blog Writing Templates!




The Best Blog Writing Templates


These are the best of the best blog writing templates out there.

They are templates that we will use ourselves. And are instrumental to helping us build “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template”.

Let’s start our list with…



Written and brought together by Rachel Sprung | @rsprung for hubspot.

It contains 5 different blog writing templates. That walks you through the process of writing the following type of blog posts:

  • The How-To Post
  • The List-Based Post
  • The Curated Collection Post
  • The SlideShare Presentation Post
  • The Newsjacking Post

These templates are so detailed that if you diligently follow the steps laid out in them. It’s impossible to write an ugly blog post.

Here’s the fundamental flow of the templates:

1) Understand your audience.

2) Start with a topic and working title.

3) Write an intro (and make it captivating).

4) Organize your content.

5) Write!

6) Edit/proofread your post, and fix your formatting.

Featured Image
Visual Appearance
7) Insert a call-to-action (CTA) at the end.

8) Optimize for on-page SEO.
Meta Description
Page Title and Headers
Anchor Text
Mobile Optimization
9) Pick a catchy title.

It’s systematic and easy-to-follow that you can use it side-by-side while writing your blog posts.

In fact, it’s so good that my Ultimate Blog Post Template is based on these templates.

You can read through the general process and get the link to download the 5 templates hubspot  here.


5 downloable hubspot, best blog writing templates, gerome soriano, growth bloggers


Basic method of writing you can takeaway from this guide is:

  1. Research
  2. Write
  3. Edit
  4. Format

These templates are straight forward and has links leading to more detailed articles.


sample link, 5 downloable hubspot, best blog writing templates, gerome soriano, growth bloggers



linked article, 5 downloable hubspot, best blog writing templates, gerome soriano, growth bloggers

To help you even more, there are fill-in-the blanks examples.

Like this:

fill in the blank, 5 downloable hubspot, best blog writing templates, gerome soriano, growth bloggers


With this step-by-step guides you will be making perfect blog posts every single time.

Next on our list is another one from hubspot. This one will kill all your excuses…




Written by Corey Eridon | @Corey_bos for hubspot.

Contains a excuse-killing fill-in-the-blank template.

During times when you find it hard to get started. And this template is excellent for such situations.

Here is the basic template from the guide:

1) Introduction
Have you ever tried to …..
2) Body
If you’re looking for….
3) Conclusion
Now that you know….

The guide which you can see here contains the full template.

foolproof formula hubspot best blog writing templates by gerome soriano for growth bloggers

Fill in the blanks.

foolproof formula, best blog writing templates, gerome soriano, growth bloggers

Get your writing juice flowing. It doesn’t have to be perfect on the first draft.

And no, you don’t even need to have your research done to start.

By filling up this template, you will figure out what things you need to research about. And things you can do to make the second draft a whole lot better.

Third on our list is template is good but can get better. So I added my own ideas below…




Inside is this Steal-able 5-Step Template:

1) Tell a story related to your topic:
It’s Wednesday at…..

2) Identify the problem from your story:
….. right on time to cancel the session — again.

3) Re-state the problem in general terms that apply to your reader:
Personal training isn’t easy….

4) Lay out the steps to solving:
There’s no example on this article. But Jonathan does use one leading to the template, it’s:

“Finally it’s time to….”

5) Conclusion:

Here’s what Jonathan recommend to use or conclusions:
1) A thought-provoking quote
2) A famous quote
3) Leave a surprise joke

Sidenote: Personally, I find Jonathan’s ideas for conclusions hard to use, especially in regards to the target audience I have.

So here are some ideas that I choose from for writing conclusions:
1) TL;DR – Too Long; Don’t Read – from Reddit and forum culture. Quick outline of the content.
2) To sum up….
3) Ask a question
4) Leave an assignment – something I see Bryan Harris of Video Fruit doing and Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich doing.

This template is excellent for writing story-driven blog posts. And as we know story sells.

5 step viralnomics best blog writing templates by gerome soriano for growth bloggers


Sidenote: This article emphasized the importance of systems. And if you want to learn more about systems. I encourage to check out the works of Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth”, Procedure People, John Warrilow’s “Build To Sell”, and Sam Carpenter’s “Work The System.”

Here is the basic method on this article:

1) Tell a story related to your topic.
2) Identify the problem from your story.
3) Re-state the problem in general terms that apply to your reader.
4) Lay out the steps to solving.
5) Conclusion

Now go to the article here.

Get ideas flowing.

And if you get stuck on step 4 and/or 5 go back here and see my ideas for those parts.

Number 4 on our list is by a writer, who I really like the work of, in Buffer and Ghost blogs.

And this guide by her claims to increase your writing speed by as much as 600%…




Belle is amazing, she also writes for Buffer, and I found her writing to be really good and helpful.

Inside is Belle’s process for developing blog writing templates.

She used it to develop her own template and in making templates based from other writer’s work.

Here’s her template:




– what this section is about
– why it matters
– research or examples
– takeaways


– what this section is about
– why it matters
– research or examples
– takeaways


– what this section is about
– why it matters
– research or examples
– takeaways



<small>Image credits:</small>


Apart from that template, Belle also outlined how she turned John O’ Nolan (The Single Greatest Method for Immediately Increasing Your Blog Post Production Speed by 600%) and Alex Turnbull of Groove (Groove’s Journey to $100k blog) works into templates.

She did this by outlining what the different parts of their writing are doing. By asking what questions those parts were answering.

This article is most useful for helping you create your own template.

Especially for making your blog post longer without adding more fluff. But by adding really useful, relevant and helpful information.

ghost blog, outline, write faster and better , best blog writing templates, gerome soriano, growth bloggers


Basically, Belle deconstructs what’s working really well for other people. And then translate them into writing outlines.

That is then turned into a blog writing template.


On this part she goes on the process of transforming Alex Turnbull’s writing to a template.

alex turnbull, ghost blog, outline, write faster and better , best blog writing templates, gerome soriano, growth bloggers

She basically extracted what questions these parts are answering. And what kind of information are these parts giving.

So go to Belle’s blog post. Read it. Take a template there and modify it for your own use.

Sidenote: For this post I used this outline for the contents in the list:

Takeaway quote
Who did it
Content sample
What it’s good for
Where to see it
Meta method
How to use it

Next on our list is a treat for all those visual learners out there. It’s an infographic by Derek Halpern, outlining his version of the perfect blog post…




Here is Derek Halpern’s infographic of the perfect blog post.


Like this? Learn how to use psychology to get more traffic and sales with Social Triggers

Emotion sells and Derek Halpern’s template reminds you to put it first every time.

Only after that, you transition to the value/content part of you blog post.


derek halpern, perfect blogpost, infographic, best blog writing templates, gerome soriano, growth bloggers

Here’s an outline of Derek’s template:

1) Attention- Grabbing Headline
2) Irresistable key insight opening
3) Half-width image to shorten characters per line in the opening
4) Benefit-giving Big Promise
5) Emotional-connecting content
6) Tweetable quote
7) Action-inducing Big Promise
8) How-to / Logical Content Section
9) Buy Now / Subscribe CTA

To help you get started on using this template.

Here are some starters, fill-in-the-blank, and swipe file:

1) Attention- Grabbing Headline
How to ____ even if / without ____
23 Awesome Ways to Build _____
Ever wonder how you can earn [desirable outcome] with [new remarkable thing]?

2) Irresistible key insight opening
According to…
Are you…?
How many times have you said to yourself, “_____”

3) Half-width image to shorten characters per line in the opening
200 to 400 px width image to the right side.

4) Benefit-giving Big Promise
Why _____ Fail?
The Easiesy Way To ______
How To Overcome _____

5) Emotional-connecting content
If you want to be _____
If you’re looking for _____
Often, we bloggers are _____

6) Tweetable quote
Expert, famous people quote
Big take-away
Attention-grabbing headline
Call-to-action to solve a problem

7) Action-inducing Big Promise
The _______ Technique
How To Find Quality ____ For Your ____
Step-By-Step Details To _____

8) How-to / Logical Content Section
Step 1 2 3
For example you can _______
Read on to see how it’s done

9) Buy Now / Subscribe CTA
Ready to try _____?
Now that you know _______ you’re ready to _____
If you enjoyed this post, you can get ______ simply by ________
The biggest secret to my ____ success? I reveal it all on ___________


Number 6 on our list is not a template per se. But it’s really useful, so I put it here. Go see for yourself…



Written by Kim Roach from Buzzblogger.com for Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Blog.

This doesn’t necessarily contain a blog writing template. What it contains are blog types and headline swipe files.

But it’s so good, as a swipe file and blog idea source that I kept it.

Here are the blog post ideas from the article:

3. WHY I DON’T DO ‘X’.

It’s good for generating blog post ideas and in helping you write good headlines.

Especially for coming up with blog post ideas that humanize your brand.

kim roach smart passive income blog type ideas best blog writing templates by gerome soriano for growth bloggers


Now go to the article by Kim Roach and jot down post ideas while reading the post.


Coming up next on our list is an article by a fellow writer on developing his own blog writing template and system…




  1. Brad’s own checklist
  2. Michael Hyatt’s 6-part template
  3. Social media scheduling and sharing copy swipefile and template.

This article is about the importance of developing systems for yourself and for your staff.

It’s also good for generating ideas on what things to put on your own blog post writing procedure file.

brad blackman checklist michael hyatt best blog writing templates by gerome soriano for growth bloggers


Here’s the template that Brad use for writing his blog post. It’s from Michael Hyatt.

1) Headline:
Write something that will pull people into the body of the post. …
2) Lead paragraph:
Immediately relevant…
3) Relevant image:
Pictures catch the eye…
4) Personal story:
Nothing works quite like stories…
5) Scannable content:
Short paragraphs, short sentences, simple words…
6) Ask a question:
Invite others into the conversation…

Go see the article by Brad and use it to refine you own blog writing procedure document.Number 8 on our list is something we at Growth Bloggers developed and used for our ghost blog writing services…



Made by me, Gerome Soriano, for personal use and for my team at Growth Bloggers‘ use.

Inside is a mash-up of all the best blog writing templates we’ve outlined here.

Together with ideas, swipe files and starters from other great bloggers.


ultimate blog writing template download

It’s constantly updated.

To open the mindmaps I use freemind, which you can download here.

Here’s the current The Ultimate Blog Writing Template:

Proposed Solution
Problems Research
Writing Headlines
Write Bullets

It’s a step-by-step process so go from the top node down.

step by step ultimate blog writing template

Then click on the nodes for the swipe file, starters and ideas.

mindmap, nodes, ultimate blog writing template





Now that you’ve seen the best of the best blog writing templates out there. There is no excuse for you to have a writer’s block.

No excuse for you to forget about finding an image for your post or not having a call to action.

You can make use of the templates I outlined here. The 5 downloadable templates from hubspot are most helpful.

The Ultimate Blog Writing Template is a mash-up of all these wonderful blog templates. And you can access that Mindmap Template here.

ultimate blog writing template download

Download Freemind to open it up. And keep it side by side while writing.

Like this:

blog writing template, mindmap, ultimate blog writing template, gerome soriano, growthbloggers, blog writing

Do tell me what you think about this guide in the comments below.

What other guides do you think should be included in this list?

Now that you know these blog writing template.

Go make use of them to write better, faster and more consistently!



7 Of The Best Blog Writing Templates Combined Into One: The Ultimate Blog Writing Template

The Ultimate Blog Writing Template, Gerome Soriano, Growth Bloggers, Template, Free Download, Mindmap

Note: Download the FREE The Ultimate Blog Writing Template here.

Are you like me?

Looking to master parts of your business.

One at a time.

Then one of the things you might be looking master might be blogging.

Oh blogging. That thing looks very simple but very complicated and daunting all at the same time.

You might find yourself looking at blog writing guides, tutorials and blogs.

Perhaps you even came across the Best Blog Writing Templates I’ve outlined in this blog. 

They are the best of the best out there. But if you’re like me. You find will find yourself not dissatisfied.

Because all of them are lacking in some way. One has information that one doesn’t. And vice versa.



Scattered Information


The information out there is all scattered.

You have to read that guide for making your headline. Then another guide for creating images. Then another one for outlining your post.

So much work.

So much headache.

So little time.

There’s gotta be a solution. There’s got to be a better way of doing this.

So I scratched my own itched and…



Brought Together For My Use


Combined all these wonderful guides, tutorials and tips into one master mindmap. That I use side-by-side while creating blog posts.


And I call it “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template”


blog writing template, mindmap, ultimate blog writing template, gerome soriano, growthbloggers
Zoom in on a part of The Ultimate Blog Writing Template

“[FREE download] All the Best Blog Writing Templates combined to The Ultimate Blog Writing Template”

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This mindmap helps me to:

1) Stay in process
Because it’s easy to get lazy. And skip critical parts of the blog writing process like setting a goal to achieve, solidifying who is the target reader and what makes a powerful headline.

2) Not forget anything
When you don’t have a checklist like this it’s easy to forget to put a call to action, a feature image, and tags.

3) Get started faster
One of my favorite parts of “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template” is the  swipe file and the starters. Tehy help me get into the “writing zone” faster. And remind me of the writing tactics that have worked for me in the past.

4) Keep my swipefiles handy
With my swipefile of the best blog headlines on my side. It’s impossible for me to write a bad headline.

5) Not get stuck
Quickly conquer writer’s block with starters, swipefiles and ideas.

6) Remember to edit
Again, it’s easy to get lazy. But editing is a crucial part of writing. Even the greats like Hemingway edit their work.

And the mindmap reminds to follow their example.

7) Remember what to look for in editing
Things like formatting, links, grammar, readability, etc.

8) And remember to promote my blog post once it’s up
80% of the work of blogging is promotion. Without promotion it’s almost impossible to chance upon your blog post.



Now Shared For Your Benefit


With the goal of giving back to the community and helping people I’ve decided to share the mindmap with you.

This template is still (and will always will be) on the process of evolution and change. As technology advances so updates will be made constantly.

I built “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template” first for myself. And my team over at GrowthBloggers.

Bright_green_tree_-_Waikato copy

But now, for the first-time ever I’m sharing it to you. Totally for FREE.

It might not be available forever. As things might change and I might have to keep it only for internal use.

So I encourage you to download here now!

Make use of it. And adjust it to your own style of writing.

Again you can get it here.


We Use It For…


GrowthBloggers is a ghost blog writing service that I founded. It’s goal it to help busy entrepreneurs with the grueling task of creating quality blog posts on a consistent basis.

We aim to help entrepreneurs free up time, work on their business and not in their business.

We do that by letting them enjoy the big think, creative brainstorming parts of content marketing. Where we go talk to them and collaborate on creating a content marketing plan.

Tackling topics such as who to target, what goals to reach for and what blog posts to write.

We then take care of the nitty-gritty, time consuming, and technical aspects of the process.

And we use “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template” to create perfect blog posts every single time.


By keeping us:

1) In process
This template helps us do things in a logical 1 2 3 sequence.


2) Doing the best practices
This guide is the combination of the best blog writing templates out there. Plus swipe files.

3) Never forgetting a thing
Remember to put a call to action, to promote, to use the swipe file, and more!



You Can Use It For…


We understand that not all entrepreneurs can afford our services. Especially those starting out.

For those of you boot-strapping entrepreneurs out there. You can use this guide to write your own blog posts.

The same goes for other blog writers and content makers out there.

But when you come to the phase in your business. When quality, assurance and confidently outsourcing blog creation becomes a higher priority for you.

Contact us here for a FREE consultation on handling blog writing for your business.


Growth Bloggers, Contact Form


Here’s Where You Can Find It


You can find “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template” here.



The Parts


3-ultimate blog writing template by gerome soriano the parts mindmap

“[FREE download] All the Best Blog Writing Templates combined to The Ultimate Blog Writing Template”

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The goal part contains the possible goals you can target for your blog posts. Click the nodes to see some ideas on how you can work towards your chosen goals.


goal, goal-setting, blog writing template, mindmap, ultimate blog writing template, gerome soriano, growthbloggers



This part contains a simple buyer persona template.

Here’s the template:
[real or imaginary name] wants [desired goal] but [challenge/problem]


Proposed Solution

This is the part where we identify the thing we’re trying to sell.


Problems Research

This is the part where you get to know more about the people in your buyers persona part.Especially about their motivations.

You will then use this information to emphathize and connect emotionally with them.



Contains powerful, battle-tested headlines by other bloggers. These headlines are optimized for the web.

Looks good in search engines and social media. Gets clicked, read and shared.



Is the part where you get to see how the best bloggers outline their blog post.
And how you can mimic their work. With starters, swipe files and ideas.



Ah! the ever important task of editing.
Includes grammar and readability checking. Formatting, links, images, tweetables, etc.



Linking the call to actions to sign-up forms and promised FREE resources/downloads.



Contains samples on seo friendly image file names and alt test.
Also where to get no attribution required, commercial use, free images and graphics. Ideal image sizes for different social media platforms.



Fundamental reminders about writing for the web.



These tags help search engine find your content.



Contains the best practices for promoting your content with social media and other platforms.


And now…


Go Out And Smash It –

Every Single Time


Go write your blog post. And get it perfect every single time with “The Ultimate Blog Writing Template.”

Then tell me what you think in the comments below.



Constant Improvement


This guide is ever-evolving. So check the link for updates.

And do comment below, about your suggestions on how to improve this template.

Question: Have I forgotten something really, really important to put in the template? Tell me in the comments below.

Again, you can download it here.



Create and Promote My First Content Request Page

Note: To get started fill up the Client Onboarding Form here 


Who Is This For And How It Will Go

We help busy entrepreneurs who want to free up their time, energy and brain power to focus on other business priorities other than content creation and promotion. Thinks like hitting other business goals, spending more personal time, or pursuing other projects.

Growth Bloggers is designed to be your content department without the headaches and risks of hiring, outsourcing and management.


Here is how it will go


0) Fill Up Client Onboarding Form

This is where we will get your contact information and get in start our conversations.


Fill up the form here: Client Onboarding Form


1) Interview

Initial interview about your expertise, your market, your target audience. And choosing a topic to work with.

2) Headline write

We will then write headlines relevant to your chosen topics. With brief description of what content will go under each headline.

3) Approve

Approve the choosen headline with the content that will come with it.

4) Write

This is the one of the tedious parts of writing the content based on our “Ultimate Blog Writing Template.”

5) Format

Format headlines, subheadlines, quotes, links, call to actions, tags, images. The full package.

6) Publish

Publish on your site.

7) Promote

80% of content marketing is marketing and promoting content. Depending on your plan we will execute this for you and guarantee initial traffic and engagement to your blog posts.

*Note: As we a small starting agency, we like to focus our time, energy and brain power we can only work with a few priveledged clients to ensure we deliver great working experiences. Also, we may not be able to start working with you right away as we have quite a lot in our hands right now.


Start Your Project Now

Fill up the Client Onboarding Form hereAnd we will contact you and start working on your project.